Preserves Food Quality

Independent trials demonstrate that units with Adande technology can outperform conventionally made fridge & freezer cabinets. Adande’s low velocity cooling prolongs shelf life by significantly reducing dehydration and freezer burn. Adande Drawers provide unrivalled temperature stability, reducing food waste by at least 70%* compared with traditional refrigeration. In every kitchen, preserving food quality is paramount, after all its quality that builds a reputable food brand.

Adande refrigerated drawers are the perfect solution for the storage of perishable food products for by holding the cold, an Adande drawer also holds an items quality.

To prove the point, Griffith’s food laboratory conducted a trial using an Adande drawer unit against a conventional refrigerator and compared the results when storing fresh fish to determine how well an Adande preserves its quality.

Adande significantly outperformed conventional refrigeration in side-by-side tests.

The results are as follows:

● Visible difference in fish quality at the end of the storage period
● Adande maintains fish freshness for longer
● Average fish weight loss in conventional chiller was 3.5 times higher than that stored in an Adande
● Adande samples tasted fresher – conventional samples were dry, unappealing and in some cases inedible
● 30% less reduction in value and therefore less waste too with Adande technology
● Find the full report here – Adande Fish Storage Comparison 2013

* (in value)