The Refrigerated Drawer against which all others are measured

Adande Refrigeration is a manufacturer of refrigerated drawers that are trusted across the globe. Adande’s modular units have a very simple and patented design difference – insulated drawers. This unique feature enables them to perform better than any other design in practically any location in any kitchen. Proven and reliable, they excel in the most demanding environments and are trusted by discerning chefs and operators in all sectors. ...In addition to providing the most stable holding temperature and humidity, which reduces losses due to food waste, the design ensures that minimal cold air is lost, keeping running costs low. Adande’s unrivaled seal warranties increase the savings further

Whether freestanding, under-counter, used as an equipment stand, or built into a range with several different sizes and formats, Adande’s units can be used and trusted in every kitchen section. An increasing number of leading restaurants and hotels rely exclusively on Adande’s patented refrigeration in their kitchens.

Precise, temperature control at incremental settings from fridge (+59°F) to freezer (-8°F) set Adande units apart. Fish held at precisely 1°F without the need for ice stays fresher for longer, and is easier to filet. Fresh meat stored in an Adande set at exactly 0.1°F suffers less from dehydration or drip loss. Ice creams and sorbets held at 5°F stay at the ideal serving temperature without any ice crystals forming. Fries spit less when cooked, take up less oil and are cooked to a consistent standard when they have been stored in an Adande. Seafood, pasta, pastries, salad and garnishes are amongst the many other different food types that are better kept in a such a stable and precisely controlled environment.

If you care about food you should choose and use Adande throughout your kitchen.

Professionals in the know choose Adande

Smart Energy Usage
Commercial Under Counter Fridges
Flexible Temperature Control
Commercial Under Counter Freezers
Preserves Food Quality