Can my Adande work as a fridge as well as a freezer?2019-11-05T16:16:20+00:00

Absolutely, providing you have specified this in your order. Please refer to our product page for more information.

How do I contact the service line?2020-01-20T16:54:58+00:00

Adande offers a 7 days a week Service Support line on office number is 972-442-5533. Our fully qualified team are always on hand to provide a helpful and friendly service.

Will I get training on how to use an Adande?2019-11-05T15:07:05+00:00

We do offer training if requested, however an Adande drawer unit is delivered together with a full operating manual and this is usually enough for most of our customers.

Do I get any warranty when purchasing an Adande?2019-11-05T15:06:59+00:00

Yes, all our customers benefit from 2-years parts and labour warranty when purchasing an Adande unit. This also includes the replacement of the drawer seals.

How do I activate my warranty?2019-11-05T15:06:50+00:00

To activate your warranty, please complete and return the freepost warranty card which will be within the drawer upon receiving the unit. Alternatively, you can email your contact details to and we can ensure your warranty is registered.

How do I clean the seals on an Adande?2019-11-05T15:06:26+00:00

The seals on an Adande will need to be thoroughly cleaned on a weekly basis with a solution of warm water and mild detergent. Instructions of how to clean the seals correctly are shown in the quick service guide which is provided on delivery. Or please see the video below.

Do I need to defrost my Adande?2019-11-05T15:06:17+00:00

Technically no, but there are some situations where a defrost can help. Please call us if you think this might apply to you and we can advise.

How do I know if my unit is still under warranty?2019-11-05T15:06:06+00:00

The 2-year warranty commences from the date of delivery. The warranty status can be obtained at any time either by calling Adande on 01502 537 135 or emailing with your six digit serial number.

Where can I find my unit serial number?2019-11-05T15:06:00+00:00

Each individual Adande drawer has a unique 6 digit serial number. This can be located either at the rear of the drawer near where the plug is situated or at the front, just inside the drawer on the left-hand side.

How often do I need my Adande serviced?2019-11-05T15:05:51+00:00

Ideally every 2 years. However, as long as the cleaning maintenance is followed (you’ll be provided with full cleaning instructions upon your Adande delivery), there shouldn’t be any issues with the unit.

Can anyone work on my Adande unit?2019-11-05T15:05:44+00:00

Only Adande approved engineers can perform work or repairs on our units in order for the warranty to be valid.

My unit is out of warranty, how much does a call out cost?2019-11-05T15:05:38+00:00

Call Out (Monday – Friday 08:00 – 17:00) £80 standing charge Labour (Monday – Friday 08:00 – 17:00) £55 per hour (minimum charge 1 hour)

How long will it take for an enginner to attend?2019-11-05T15:04:20+00:00

Our Adande approved engineers aim to visit within 48 hours of the initial call out.

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