Adande: Our Story

Founded in 1984 by design engineers George Young and Ian Wood, Adande soon became regarded as a leading engineering consultancy for industrial ventilation, refrigeration and air conditioning for the oil and gas industry.

Chefs working offshore were experiencing significant problems with their refrigeration and keeping food fresh. Catering for staff that were working rotating shift patterns meant kitchen refrigeration was used around the clock with the fridges continually being opened. This frequency of opening caused the cold refrigerated air to fall out and humidity to build up inside the units. The food inevitably spoiled causing the operators to ask Adande for help. So, George and Ian, loving a challenge and starting with a ‘ blank sheet ’ of paper, began work on a new refrigeration design that would essentially ‘Hold the Cold’. Soon after, the Adande Refrigerated drawer was born.

A globally patented design, it was immediately recognised as a unique and ground-breaking product that brought significant benefits to anyone working in the foodservice industry.

Thanks to its innovative ‘Hold the Cold’ design and the team’s commitment to food quality, energy and waste reduction, Adande was pleased to win FCSI’s Worldwide 2010 Award for ‘Manufacturer of the Year’.

Since then, Adande has expanded its range and grown its brand internationally with sales in over 50 countries. With innovation at the very heart of the Organization, in 2018 the company introduced its first open-display retail cabinets, powered by Aircell technology.

Aircell technology saves over 30% energy, and is much more efficient than other cabinets on the market today, delivering a consistent and stable storage temperature, more so than any other chiller design.

2022 and beyond…

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Adande Refrigeration continued to support its customers with a range of initiatives allowing operators to buy new, quality Adande equipment at affordable prices. The savings when buying Adande continue to mount after purchase, given maintenance costs are very low, significant energy efficiency delivers smaller bills, and operators can buy greater storage for a smaller footprint.

Adande’s commitment to efficiency continues in 2022, and with the rise of the ‘dark kitchen’ the company introduces yet more innovative designs that meet real customer needs in food storage, display and service.
Whatever your refrigeration needs, we look forward to discussing them with you.

Our Technology

The first unique UK innovation in over 70 years, our patented ‘Hold the Cold’ technology functions like no other fridge or freezer in the commercial refrigeration industry.

Totally unique to Adande, the insulated drawer inside the unit ensures cold air is retained each time the drawer is opened. Unlike conventionally made refrigeration units, where fans blow cold air around the cabinet, with Adande, cold air gently cascades down onto and around the food in the insulated drawer – we call this ‘low velocity cooling’. This design allows chefs to prolong the shelf life of their ingredients and products by preventing food dehydration.

Low velocity cooling ensures the Adande has a stable temperature and exceptional humidity control at all times. During frequent or prolonged drawer openings, the attack from high temperature and ambient air is minimal, providing a cool and benign microclimate for the storage of food.

In the hottest of kitchens, and even when positioned directly under high temperature griddles and charbroilers in the cook line, Adande drawers perform exactly the same. With the insulated drawer open, users will have a perfect bird’s eye view of all products and ingredients, providing a speedy service and faster kitchen production.

Our People

Adande is proud to be made up of a talented team of people passionate about what they do. At all levels of the organisation, around the world, the Adande team are committed to providing the best refrigeration solutions in the market, built with our customers interests in mind.

Adande’s culture has been built on innovation and with this at the very heart of our business, finding new ways to improve and evolve our market is paramount. We strive to be more agile, and visionary. We look to remove complexity, continuing to be pioneers in our industry servicing some of the most interesting and inspiring culinary brands and helping them to deliver the quality that sets them apart.