Adande attends NACS show for 2023

The Adande team is heading to America again this year to attend The NACS show. The show intends to bring together convenience and fuel retailing industry professionals for four days of learning, buying and selling, networking and fun. Historically, 23,000+ people have attended in NACS Show from over 70 countries and more than 1,200 companies exhibit. We’re truly looking forward to seeing fresh faces and introducing the efficiency of Adande drawers to new potential clients.

There are many great elements to factor into the true convenience of Adande drawers. Not only do they keep your delicious food fresh and safe consistently throughout all your business locations, but they do it whilst keeping your critical costs low. Their patented design and technology holds-the-cold within the drawer as it’s used throughout the day and night. As the cool air drops into the drawer, there is no escape for the crisp air to leak out. This keeps food waste to a minimum by preserving food freshness. Unlike doored counter refrigeration where air spills out when accessing produce.

Great accessibility in your kitchen can highly improve workflow efficiency. Adande drawers allow you to access produce quicker than ever with one pull at your convenience. Witness all your ingredients with a full birds eye view. All of which, can be completely personalised to however suits your storage needs, with a range of sized gastronorm pans and racks. Storing and preserving with Adande means you’re maintaining your food flavours, hydration, texture, and overall freshness. Eliminating any trace of visible dryness and especially crystallization on produce within an Adande freezer drawer.

“The absence of ice crystals helps maintain consistently high standards of cooked food quality, providing an improved eating experience for the customer. Previous trials with Adande units have seen a 4% lower take-up of oil in the fries which can represent a significant cost savings.”- Chris Havice, Director of Purchasing at Sheetz


If you’re restricted with space, Adande units can be double or triple-stacked vertically, giving you the option of choosing a fridge freezer and even a blast chiller for each drawer within the same footprint. Variable temperature units can go from freezer to fridge, with just a flick of a switch in just 40 minutes. Giving you the versatility of temperature settings from – +59f to -8f.

Adande understands the importance of saving money where possible for your business. With electrical costs at an all-time high, the company is committed to helping you save energy. They will not only save you money in the long run, but we will also increase your business’s sustainability. Adande truly believes in the robust durability of their drawers. That’s why in the USA, we offer a 2-year warranty for all new units*

If you have any questions about Adande units or wish to order, contact  or meet him and the USA team at Booth C6761 at The NACS SHOW. We look forward to seeing you there!

*Terms and conditions apply on the warranty, please contact us for more information.