Refrigeration that increases your food profits.

We work with your business

With years of experience across all areas of the foodservice and food retailing industries, we understand the challenges facing C-store owners and operators. Escalating operational costs and increased competition are squeezing profit margins. In a market, with high consumer demand for brand-led high quality snacks and meals, only forward-thinking operators are going to reap the rewards from this rapidly growing market.

So, how do you cash in?

Pre-pandemic research conducted by the 2019 Convenience Store News Realities of the Aisle claimed that 69% of C-store shoppers surveyed stated that they had purchased pre-prepared food within the previous month, with younger customers more likely to buy food-to-go. The same survey stated that respondents from the generation Z cohort had made an average of 4.07 purchases per month. There is anecdotal evidence indicating that COVID-19 changed consumer habits, with grab & go sales increasing, as lockdowns prevented operators from offering a dine-in experience.

Although consumers often display brand loyalty, the operators who are drawing in the crowds are those that offer quick service, freshly prepared, made to order food, which may be customized to the diner’s preference. Many customers, especially younger clientele, want to try different tastes for a new dining experience, which is creating additional opportunities for C-store operators.

How can Adande help?

Above all, quality, texture and taste are the factors that attract customers, meaning that the way you store and preserve ingredients is critical. Adande’s unique insulated horizontal container units, with ‘hold the cold’ technology, maintain accurate and stable holding temperatures at the perfect humidity. The patented design prevents cold air spilling from the unit, no matter how frequently the drawers are opened. As a result, food is held at optimum quality over extended periods for reduced waste. The units offer precise temperature control in increments of 1°F and they may be operated as fridges or freezers to meet specific cold storage requirements. The inherent efficiency of Adande refrigerators reduces your energy costs and limits the impact on the environment.

Better taste, improved meal quality and increased yield

Adande’s low velocity cooling eliminates ice crystals and product dehydration and maintains food quality. Independent trials have proven the benefits of accurate storage temperatures. For example, frozen fries held at a stable temperature of 0 °F in an Adande before cooking resulted in:
• Improved texture and taste quality
• Even colour and appearance
• Less oil absorption for a healthier cooked product
• Consistent cooking times
• Reduced cooking oil usage

Large capacity and small footprint

Adande refrigerators can be free-standing, under-counter, used as an equipment stand, or built into a range. Adande is an ideal solution for every section of the kitchen. The compact footprint and large capacity of the units allows them to be sited close to the workstation, facilitating quick and easy access for food preparation and cooking. This eliminates the need for operators to fetch product from remote refrigerators, improving kitchen efficiency and speeding up service, especially during busy trading periods.

• Each drawer operates independently, within +59 °F to -8 °F, at 1 °F increments
• Units can switch from fridge to freezer, or vice versa, in approx 30 mins
• Models can be stacked in 2 or 3 drawer configurations
• Units may be fitted with caster bases and tops, to achieve worktop heights
• Customized width worktops may be fitted to units to meet specification needed