Smart Energy Usage

According to The Carbon Trust approximately a third of all energy used in a commercial kitchen is consumed by refrigeration, and with hotels and restaurants citing the kitchen as one of their main energy expenders, this can have a significant ongoing cost implication for many.

At Adande we know how important efficiency is, and our refrigeration products have been designed with this in mind. Firstly, our drawers are lower energy consumers being optimised for energy efficiency.

Each separate unit is run by a standard 13-amp plug, but if you decide to stack our drawers, you can run up to 3 units per plug. This is because the Adande daisy chain has been developed to link the units in such a way they can run from one source. For kitchens requiring fridge/freezer combination units the potential savings over the year are impactful, and should be considered when making your refrigeration purchase choice.

The Adande has won many awards for its ‘energy saving’ ability including the foodservice sector’s ‘Sustainable Catering Equipment Manufacturer 2017’ award where the company was commended at the Footprint Awards for its A+ Fridge. The A+ Fridge has been solely designed with an EU Label attesting to it’s A+ rated efficiency.

Currently, Adande knows of no other commercial refrigerator on sale with an A+ rating in Europe.

Can you afford not to have an Adande?