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Keep your refrigeration efficient this summer with these energy
saving tips.

This summer, professional kitchens face the dual challenge of maintaining food safety and keeping energy costs in check. Refrigeration is a vital component of any professional kitchen but also represents a sizeable portion of energy consumption. By adopting energy-saving practices, you can reduce operating costs, minimise your environmental impact, and still ensure that your kitchen runs smoothly. In this blog, we will share valuable tips to help professional kitchens optimise their refrigeration systems during the scorching summer months.

1. Choose Energy-Efficient Refrigeration Equipment:

When upgrading or purchasing new refrigeration equipment, prioritise energy efficient models. Look for units with the energy label, as they meet strict energy efficiency standards. These appliances are designed to use less electricity without
compromising performance. Additionally, consider the size of the equipment you need. Oversized refrigerators and freezers waste energy, so choose the appropriate size to suit your kitchen’s requirements. 

Adande refrigeration is the perfect choice for chefs who are looking for refrigeration that can preserve food in the best way possible yet keep energy bills low. Adande’s unique drawer refrigeration has unrivalled temperature stability and quite literally holds the cold. When the drawer is opened there is no loss of temperature, and the unit does not gain humidity.

It is all down to science. Warm air rises, cold air sinks – hence with a traditional upright cabinet, as soon as you open the door the cold air quite literally falls out. This alone is a hazard for operators, in keeping temperatures stable and uses far more energy than an Adande variable fridge freezer drawer. A single Adande drawer operating as a fridge has an A+ energy rating and an Adande under-counter freezer has a B-grade energy rating.

2. Regular Maintenance is Key:

Proper maintenance is crucial for optimal performance and energy efficiency. Schedule routine inspections and cleaning of refrigeration units. Check and clean condensers regularly to prevent dust and debris build-up, as this can hinder heat
transfer and increase energy consumption. Ensure that door seals are in good condition and seal tightly to prevent cool air leaks. Ensure ice does not build up and defrost regularly to maintain efficiency.

Adande’s under-counter refrigeration units are built to withstand the demands of professional kitchens, ensuring long-lasting performance. Its intelligent design means that our units do not ice up, instead the units keep the temperature you decide. Fridge or freezer, you set the temperature you need for the produce you are holding. Adande units are known for their robustness and are used in the busiest QSRs around the world. Adande units are low maintenance and low maintenance cost, and we offer up to a 5-year parts warranty with a 2-year warranty on seals providing businesses with peace of mind and the assurance of a reliable operation.

3. Keep Refrigeration Units Well-Ventilated:

Proper ventilation is essential for refrigeration units to dissipate heat effectively. Ensure that the units are located too close to walls or other appliances, as this can impede airflow and reduce efficiency. Allow sufficient space around the refrigeration equipment to promote air circulation and prevent heat build-up. Regularly clean and clear any obstructions around the condenser area to maximize heat exchange.

Adande’s units offer the flexibility of ventilation options, as the engines can be located on both the side and rear of the module. This design feature allows for efficient airflow and effective heat dissipation, contributing to enhanced energy efficiency. By providing multiple ventilation options, Adande refrigeration units can be easily integrated into various kitchen layouts, ensuring optimal performance while maintaining a comfortable working environment.

4. Optimise Temperature Settings:

Maintaining the right temperature settings is critical for food safety while minimising energy consumption. For refrigerators, keep the temperature at around 3 °C and freezers at approximately -18 °C. Avoid unnecessarily low temperatures as they can increase energy usage without offering significant benefits. Consider using temperature monitoring systems to ensure consistent and accurate temperature control.

Adande’s temperature control systems are renowned for precision and reliability. Adande’s units are equipped with advanced temperature monitoring technology, ensuring that the set temperatures are maintained consistently. This not only safeguards food safety but also optimises energy usage by preventing unnecessary cooling cycles.

5. Organise Refrigeration Units Strategically:

Efficient organisation inside refrigeration units can save both energy and time. Keep food items neatly organised to allow proper airflow and prevent overstocking, which can obstruct cooling. Regularly check for expired or spoiled items and remove them promptly to maintain optimal conditions. Properly sealed and labelled containers help preserve food quality and minimise energy waste.

Adande drawer refrigeration units not only hold a higher volume than other brands but are highly versatile and easily integrated into various areas of a professional kitchen, such as under-counter prep stations, cooking stations, saladette counters or mobile catering setups. They can be used in the cookline, at the pass, and in the pastry section.

Strategically placing Adande units throughout the kitchen allows for convenient access to ingredients and perishables, unnecessary movement, and energy consumption. Adande units can be used under hot grills and ovens, as well as beside fryers. This flexible placement reduces the need to retrieve items from a traditional refrigeration system, improving workflow efficiency and promoting a streamlined operation.

To conclude, incorporating Adande’s innovative refrigeration technology into professional kitchens allows for substantial energy savings. By investing in Adande refrigeration, businesses can enhance their sustainability efforts, lower operating costs, and ensure the preservation of food quality. Choose Adande for energy efficient refrigeration solutions that make a positive impact on both the environment and your bottom line.

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